Reunion Success

Members of the Eastbourne District Scout First Aid Team (EDSFAT) Scout Active Support Unit were delighted with the interest shown in STATMAN, the portable SMART STAT patient simulator, during the Saturday activities in the Training Field at the Reunion.  A large number of participants took the opportunity to practice their CPR skills on the intelligent manikin that actually ‘Breathes’ and has a ‘Real Pulse’.  The force required to carry out effective CPR on the manikin is similar to that of a real person and people could practice how to use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) at the same time.

We were pleased to see new and old friends in the LIDD and hope that the purchases made will prove useful in your scouting roles.

Sundays workshops were again well attended and we received some very kind feedback. Hopefully we shall see you all next year!StatmanGilwell Reunion 2014