First Response Courses

Many of EDSFAT’s members are qualified County First Aid Trainers for East Sussex Scouts. Ian Lewis, our Deputy Team Manager, is East Sussex Scouts’ County First Aid Advisor. He is responsible for coordinating all the county’s First Response Courses.

Currently the county is following the blended learning course created by Hampshire Scouts.

This course is split into three parts:

  • Firstly, candidates must complete the e-learning resources provided by Hampshire Scouts.
  • Then they take part in an online course with one of the County’s First Aid Trainers. Once these two parts have been achieved, they have completed Module 10A.
  • Finally, they must attend a face-to-face practical validation session and once completed, they receive Module 10B and have a complete first response qualification.

Meet the Trainers:

Ian Lewis
County First Aid Advisor
Frances Gibbs
Deputy County Training Manager and County First Aid Trainer
Elaine Clark
County First Aid Trainer
Lynne Lewis
County First Aid Trainer
Ben Lewis
County First Aid Trainer

If you are part of East Sussex Scouts, please keep updated with the upcoming Scout First Response courses here.