BNI 2018

Ten members of EDSFAT have just enjoyed a fantastic weekend providing first aid cover and a skills base for the participants of the biannual Lambeth District BNI Competition.  During a weekend of amazing weather, team members not on first aid duty, ran a skills base testing the scout’s ability to deal with a very challenging first aid scenario.

Based around a disco tent, where following a serious incident there were four casualties.

Casualty 1 – had suffered a cardiac arrest.  The Scouts carried out long term CPR and used an AED trainer.

Casualty 2 – had a leg wound and a possible spinal injury.  A good number of Scouts provided quality manual stabilisation of the head and neck as well as dressing the leg wound.

Casualty 3 – was experiencing an asthma attack.  Maybe brought on by long term disco dancing in the smoky dance tent environment!  Scouts were expected to remove the dancer from the tent, encourage her to take her inhaler and sit her down in an appropriate position.

Casualty 4 – had suffered a burn to the arm and open fracture when he fell.  For this casualty, the Scouts were expected to cool the burn and dress with cling film, as well as correctly dressing the open fracture.

To make the Scout challenge even more difficult, Casualty 5 – was unresponsive by the emergency telephone.  As every team sent a single Scout to make the call to the call to the ambulance service, they then had to carry out a Primary Survey and place the casualty into the recovery position as well as making the all important telephone call.

To provide a semi-realistic environment for the scenario, the tent had loud music, flashing coloured lights, loud music and a smoke machine.  Team members dressed for the various roles including party dancers, doorman and responding ambulance staff.

The Scouts showed good levels of first aid knowledge and expertise.

EDSFAT staff also joined with the participants at the Campfire and Talent Show.