Gilwell Reunion 2015


Members of the EDSFAT team attended the 89th Gilwell Reunion On Saturday 5th September and Sunday 6th September.

Saturday 5th September

During Saturday Robert had organised EDSFAT’s ever popular High Visibility sales base and tombola.   As in previous years many people came over to see the various high visibility garments and badges available.  As various other road safety items including custom magnetic badges were available and  very large number of these products are exclusively supplied by EDSFAT, some customers come back year after year to buy items from us.  This year the team also had a large number of Marked and Blank Badges as well as various belt pouches.

At the same time Matt and a number of other team members were running a base covering various resuscitation messages and reminders.  With the focus being Statman, there was a good deal of interest.  The EDSFAT staff members were joined by Magda, a friend of the team who is a member of the scout movement in Poland.  Magda is actively involved in the pre-hospital environment as a 112 operator.

Sunday 6th September

Again on Sunday EDSFAT had two different bases at the Reunion.  Matt and Ian had a training and familiarisation base in the CIC foyer.  With Statman and a number of different resuscitation manikins available, the participants had the opportunity to practice using AEDs Whilst there had been published times for the session, most people ‘just dropped in’ as they walked by.  There were a number of visitors with different reasons for attending.  Two groups want to add the use of AEDs to their First Response courses; others were keen to get a better understanding of the operation of an AED and one gentleman had been concerned if he needed to use the  AED at his place of work he could do harm.  Whilst he was concerned about using the AED, he did not want to ask anyone.  After the session he confirmed if the need was ever to arise, he will now be happy to use it.


At the same time Robert, Brian, Oliver, Andy and Helen were running a sales and fundraising base.  Robert also gave away massive amounts of Retro-reflective and combined performance road safety material for people to use at scouting events.  EDSFAT continued to promote the use of High Visibility garments and jackets.