Additional Equipment

 Additional Equipment

EDSFAT can provide and use a large range of additional equipment at events.

First Aid Bikes

EDSFAT is now using First Aid bikes by to provide a quick, but safe method, of responding to casualties at large events. The bikes can be equipped with a selection of equipment, which can be fitted into panniers. The bikes are also marked in high visibility materials to make them obvious and include blue flashing repeater lights.

Large Camps and Major Events First Aid and Medical Points

When EDSFAT attends Large and International Camps and Major Events it usually establishes a First Aid/Medical Point. This First Aid/Medical point is usually established in a building with bedded accommodation and treatment areas. At shorter events, usually over a weekend we use the First Aid Trailer and First Aid tent set up if a building is not available.

Large Event First Aid Control

At large events, where there can be several thousand people on site, EDSFAT usually establishes a Large Event First Aid Control. This Control is established in a room, or the in the First Aid Control Vehicle, with limited access to non-EDSFAT members.

The Controls are equipped with both communication and I.T. equipment, allowing the First Aid Controllers to actively support the First Aiders in the field.

Event Flags and Signage

EDSFAT uses a large number of different flags and signs to make people aware of our location, who we are and what our role is. The most important part of the signage used by EDSFAT is the tripod mounted panel signs. A wide variety of different panels can be fitted to the metal tripods. They are made out of retro-reflective materials, so they work both during the day and the night.

EDSFAT also uses banners and flags to help identify our location as well as a dedicated self standing Quadrapod sign.

Radio Communications

To allow for easy communication between members of staff, EDSFAT uses a number of different radio systems. The main system is a VHF PMR system, which has hand portable, Mobile and Control Radios